The Best Costco Food Court Menu Items, Ranked

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Trips to Costco are never complete without a visit to the food court. Whether you’re picking up your basic necessities for the week, or are back in the store for the umpteenth time because you forgot shaving cream, the smell from the food court always draws curiosity. Here is a ranking of the Costco food court menu items, from our least favorite to the best in-store eats. What will take the top spot?

14. Latte Mocha Freeze

Landing the last spot on the list, the $2.99 cold brew frozen treat is a caffeinated, chocolate overload. You might be better off sticking to Starbucks.

13. Double Cheeseburger

One of the priciest single meal items on the menu, the $4.99 double cheeseburger doesn’t quite live up to the higher price tag. The double patties that sit between a brioche bun taste like microwaved meat at best. Divided by cheese, lettuce, and tomato, the burger carries all the makings of the American classic but isn’t the tastiest option on the menu.

12. Beef Chili with Beans

For $3.99, the chili could run your stomach a considerable risk. However, the beef, kidney & pinto bean, bell pepper, and onion concoction sits on par with most other fast-food chili options.

11. Chicken Caesar Salad

The resident “healthy” option comes rather bare. The $3.99 salad includes tomatoes, cheese, croutons, and chicken on a bed of lettuce.

10. Fruit Smoothie

The $2.99 fruit smoothie, which replaced the berry smoothie, is a refreshingly sweet-and-tart sipper.

9. Gelato

The food court offers up three different flavors of this Italian treat: Pistachio, chocolate, and stracciatella (which is vanilla with chocolate shavings). You can pick up three scoops for $1.50, or indulge in an entire quart for $4.99.

8. BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

If summertime were a sandwich, this would be it. The $4.99 menu offering stacks beef brisket and coleslaw on a toasted bun, finished with BBQ sauce.

7. Hot Dog

You can never go wrong with a classic dog. The $1.50 price tag (which includes a fountain drink) has not changed since the menu item was introduced in 1985.

6. Very Berry Sundae

It’s all in the swirl, baby. The cold treat with strawberry syrup costs $1.65. They also have a nonfat yogurt option for 30 cents cheaper.

5. Acai Bowl

Aside from the salad, the $4.99 acai bowl attempts to live on the healthier side of the menu. Trendy in its attempt, the bowl loads banana chips, blueberries, strawberry shavings, and granola atop a bowl of sweet acai soft serve.

4. Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

The best part about the $3.99 sandwich, which includes oven-roasted turkey, provolone cheese, red onions, and tomatoes, is that it’s warmed up for added perfection. This makes the cheese and basil-garlic mayonnaise melt right into the toasted torta roll.

3. Pizza

There is something about Costco’s Italian pie that reminds you of the best of frozen pizzas… not to mention they are very generous with the toppings. Grab a slice for $1.99 or splurge on a whole pie for just $9.95.

2. Chicken Bake

The three main ingredients say it all: chicken, bacon, and caesar dressing. We know it’s bad for us, but that’s what makes this $2.99 item so very good.

1. Twisted Churro

This delicious cinnamon-and-sugar treat will make you think you’re at the county fair rather than Costco. Even better — it’s only a buck.

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