The Cooking Pot in Charlotte Offers Traditional African food

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Esther Ikuru came to Charlotte with her family about 20 years ago from Nigeria and she brought all the rich flavors of her home country with her.

What You Need To Know

  • The Cooking Pot serves traditional African Food.
  • Esther Ikuru uses recipes she learned from her mother in Nigeria.
  • The flavors and textures are not changed for an American palette.

Six years ago, she opened a tranditional African restaurant called the The Cooking Pot in Charlotte, where she serves up dishes her mother and friends taught her how to cook. 

“So that even if you eat it here, you go back home to Nigeria or to Ghana or to any other country you come from, you understand that the flavors are still the same. No matter where you eat it,” Ikuru says.

The flavors are rich and spicy. Ikuru says the texture is a bit more tough than Americans are used to, but she isn’t changing any part of her recipes so guests have to come in with an open mind and palette.

“This food represents my people, it represents who I am, where I come from, so I can’t just change it just because I want to make more sales. That’s me lying to myself and I can’t do that.”

The Cooking Pot is open every day for take out and limited dine-in seating at 5622 E Independence Blvd.