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A Classic Milk Tea from Yummy Villa on Opelika Road in Auburn.

I read a lot of food-related stories, and I honestly find nearly all of them extremely interesting. Whether it’s a recipe or the history of a certain food, I’m all in. Food is just cool.

A couple of months ago, I edited a story about Boba, which the story said is “also known as bubble tea.” It was not only fascinating, but gave me an idea for The Dish. I’ve never had bubble tea, and it was past time to try it. For this, I went to Yummy Villa on Opelika Road in Auburn.

According to the story, Boba is “commonly served as a sticky sweet milk tea, with warm, chewy tapioca pearls” that “originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and arrived in the U.S. a decade later.” And although the boda world has expanded, I felt it was important to stick to the classic since this was my first time trying it.

Yummy Villa offers a number of flavors under its Bubble Tea menu. I must admit I was tempted to try strawberry, but I ordered the Classic Milk Tea.

It was quite refreshing. It was nice and cold and not overly sweet. I wondered if the tapioca pearls would be bit off-putting. I didn’t quite know what to expect, plus I haven’t had much tapioca in my life, but it turned out fine. The pearls gave the drink even more interest.

I also appreciate how much bubble tea you get from Yummy Villa. It’s not a short plastic cup. You won’t finish the drink in three minutes.

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