The Farmer’s Dog Food Delivery Is Here to Make Life Easier

Dogs have many wonderful qualities, but a discerning palate isn’t one of them. They’re happy to spend their days sniffing each other’s butts, and given the chance, you better believe they’ll scarf down a toxic piece of chocolate or try to swallow a chicken bone whole. Dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean they should eat everything. And kibble companies might put majestic wolves in their commercials and whole roast chickens on their packaging, but that doesn’t mean their highly processed pellets are healthy. Far from it.

That’s where The Farmer’s Dog comes in. Their fresh dog food is made of real meat and vegetables that you can see, and even safely taste — it’s human-grade food designed for dogs. It’s minimally processed, and it meets AAFCO standards for complete and balanced dog food nutrition.

When you sign up for The Farmer’s Dog, you’ll provide some basic information about your dog, including breed, age, activity level, ideal weight, and sensitivities. This information is used to match your best friend to the vet-designed meal plan that best matches their nutritional needs.

Switching your dog’s diet from burnt brown pellets to freshly prepared food is a no-brainer. Like you and every other animal on the planet, your dog will feel better when their diet is full of fresh, whole foods — not highly processed ingredients. This kind of diet has also been proven to mitigate the risk of cancer and lower the risk of canine obesity while preserving naturally occurring nutrients that are critical for your dog’s immune system that can be destroyed by the kibble-making process.

And that’s not all! Minimally processed diets have been linked to smoother coats, clearer skin, smaller stools, and more balanced energy levels. And while all dogs can enjoy those benefits, a healthy diet can be especially valuable for those with specific health issues like allergies and sensitive stomachs. In fact, that’s how the company got its start.

Way back in 2014, one of the co-founders, Brett, was trying to help his dog Jada with her stomach issues. He tried every commercially available dog food he could get his hands on, but nothing seemed to ease her symptoms. On the advice of his vet, he tried preparing fresh, home-cooked meals for Jada. They turned out to be the only thing that did the trick.

Brett decided that every dog owner deserved the chance to feed their dog the kind of food that made Jada feel better, even if they didn’t have the time or the culinary skills to be their dog’s personal chef. The only way to make this happen was to make fresh, high-quality food even more convenient than dry, highly-processed (but widely available) kibble. Thus, The Farmer’s Dog was born.

The Farmer’s Dog

A subscription service that brings fresh, preportioned dog food to your door.

Subscriptions start at $2/day

This commitment to convenience continues today. Meals from The Farmer’s Dog are shipped directly to your door while they’re still fresh, no need to schlep a heavy bag of kibble home from the grocery store. Shipments and payments are automatic, so you’ll never have to worry about running out, and the pre-portioned meals mean that your dog will also get the precise number of calories they need to maintain a healthy weight.

A dog food plan this good will probably cost you a bit a more than what you’re paying for dog food now, but it’s definitely worth it. The convenience is nice, sure, but the real value of The Farmer’s Dog is as an investment in your dog’s health. And a healthier dog is a dog that can spend more years as your kid’s best friend, your fetch partner, and your family’s faithful companion.

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