This State Has the Worst Food in America, According to Data

Kansas City barbecue. Maine lobster rolls. Key Lime pie made with fresh Florida citrus. A mountain of crispy fried beignets in Louisiana. Food is a way of life, and every state has its own signature dishes to be proud of. But while residents might argue over why their local flavors are the best, we can’t help but ponder the opposite: Which state has the worst food in America?

To find out, we at Best Life first measured three factors: the appeal and diversity of the restaurant scene; the sustainability and popularity of locally grown produce and meat; and the ease of accessing healthy, affordable food. For the first metric, we turned to travel experts Far and Wide, which ranked each state based on the quality, diversity, and appeal of local restaurants. Then, for the latter two metrics, we factored in Strolling of the Heifer’s most recent Locavore Index, which uses several stats to rank all 50 states based on their level of commitment to producing healthy, local food.

Finally, we used the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on adult obesity prevalence in each state. Obesity is often linked to wealth inequality and food insecurity, so a higher obesity rate means healthy food is less accessible or affordable. (The CDC did not have this data for New Jersey, so we used America’s Health Rankings as the source in that one instance.) We then gave each metric a weighted value before running them through our exclusive algorithm to see how each state scored on our 100-point scale Food Fail Index.

Our results showed that food—as analyzed using the metrics outlined above—tended to be worse in certain parts of the South. Of the 10 states with the worst food, six were in the South, with three in the Midwest and one in the West. Interestingly enough, states known for their agricultural production didn’t necessarily rank as having good food. The states with the best food, on the other hand, tended to come from East and West Coast. Read on to find out where the worst food in America is, and how your state’s cuisine ranks. And for more on another place that’s known for its bad eating experiences, This Is the Most Hated Fast Food Chain in America.

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