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Even though carrot is a tuber, it has fewer calories and more nutritious values, making it one of the most favoured vegetables. Carrots are a storehouse of beta-carotene which transforms into Vitamin A when it reaches the body. It is vital to include carrots in the diet for the health of the eyes and to make bones stronger. Here are some carrot recipes that are delicious and nutritious too.

Carrot wheat puttu
Wheat flour
Grated carrot

Mix the wheat flour and salt with hot water into desired consistency
Fill the cylindrical puttu kutti with some wheat puttu powder
Add a layer of grated coconut
Repeat the layers
Steam the puttu
Enjoy the wheat carrot puttu with curries.

Carrot halwa
6 big carrots
4 cups full fat milk
4 tbsp ghee
½ cup condensed milk
4 tbsp sugar
3-4 cardamom (powdered)
20-25 cashews
Palm full of raisins
5-6 almonds (skin removed and chopped)

Wash and peel the carrots
Grate them
Take the grated carrot and milk in a vessel
Cook on medium to low flame
Stir at intervals until the milk reduces and the carrot gets cooked
Mix ghee, condensed milk, sugar and cardamom powder in a bowl
Add this into the cooked carrot when the milk begins to reduce
Stir continuously on low flame
When the halwa has the right consistency add cashews and raisins
Stir well until all liquid is reduced
The halwa should be dry
Scrape the carrot mix on the sides of the pan and give everything a good mix
Take the halwa off the flame
Garnish with chopped almonds.

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