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The best meal kits cater to people with different dietary requirements and preferences. There is now a wide range of meal kit delivery services available, so people with different dietary needs have more options if they struggle to find the time to plan and cook meals.

This article will look at several of the best meal kits, focusing on why they might suit people with particular health conditions and dietary preferences.

Meal kits are a subscription service where a company sends customers measured ingredients and a recipe. The idea is that the person follows the recipe and makes a homecooked meal without planning or shopping for groceries.

Companies that offer meal kits have a variety of plans. A person can select meals for the whole week or just a few days. Some allow for customization, such as choosing premium options or meals based on their dietary preferences.

People living with certain conditions, such as diabetes or gluten intolerance, or those who follow a specialized diet, such as Paleo or plant-based, will need a service that provides meals for that diet.

Please note, the writer has not tried these products. All information is research-based.

A person living with diabetes needs to manage their blood sugar levels carefully. What they eat plays an essential role in preventing blood sugar spikes and complications.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a person living with diabetes should include the following foods in their diet:

  • vegetables, including starchy and non-starchy varieties
  • lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, or beans
  • whole grains
  • low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt
  • fruits, such as apples and bananas

Planning what to eat can be a challenge for some people living with diabetes. A meal delivery kit may help by providing planned and individually portioned diabetes-friendly meals.

Learn more about healthful foods for diabetes here.


BistroMD is a meal delivery service that specializes in creating custom diets, including the Diabetic Meal plan.

According to bistroMD, dietitians knowledgeable about diabetes plan all the meals, and chefs prepare them.

All meals on the bistroMD diabetic program contain 25 grams (g) or less of net carbohydrates.

A person can choose a full program plan, including meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 or 7 days, or a lunch or dinner plan.

Bistro MD is available for purchase online.

People living with gluten intolerance follow a gluten-free diet or significantly reduce their intake of gluten. According to one review, while celiac disease only affects 1{c33c21346ff5e26ab8e0ae3d29ae4367143f0d27c235e34c392ea37decdb8bed} of people in the United States, non-celiac gluten intolerance is much more common, affecting around 6{c33c21346ff5e26ab8e0ae3d29ae4367143f0d27c235e34c392ea37decdb8bed} of people in the U.S.

Learn more about gluten-free foods here.

Green Chef

According to Green Chef, they are the first meal delivery service to have received certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group’s Gluten-Free Food Service program (GFFS).

Although the company offer several dietary meal options, including Keto, Balanced Living, Plant-Powered, and Carb-Conscious, gluten-free options are only available on the Keto and Carb-Conscious plans. There is currently no vegetarian, gluten-free plan.

Green Chef have also received certification related to the use of organic produce from USDA organic and CCOF Organic.

Green Chef is available for purchase online.

When following a vegan diet, a person does not eat meat or other animal products, including milk, honey, and eggs. Their diet is entirely plant-based.

On the other hand, a vegetarian does not eat meat but still consumes animal products, including dairy products, such as cheese, milk, butter, and sometimes eggs.

According to Harvard Health, a plant-based diet has several potential health benefits.

These include reducing the risk of:

People following a plant-based diet need to be mindful of consuming all of the essential nutrients and ensure they are eating a wide variety of foods.

A plant-based diet that is high in processed foods can be unhealthful, which is why those following vegetarian and vegan diets need to eat mostly whole, nutrient-dense foods.

They may also need to supplement nutrients that may be missing from their diet, including:

People should talk to their doctor or dietitian before trying any restrictive diet, particularly if they live with any underlying health conditions.

Learn more about a vegan diet here.


Veestro is a meal delivery service that provides 100{c33c21346ff5e26ab8e0ae3d29ae4367143f0d27c235e34c392ea37decdb8bed} plant-based meals. Their plant-based meals include gluten-free and high protein options.

A person can choose between 10–30 meals from the A La Carte menu or leave it up to Veestro to select the meals with the Chef’s Choice option.

They also offer a weight-loss plan, which involves choosing 3 meals a day for 5 or 7 days.

Veestro is available for purchase online.

The paleo diet focuses on a person eating whole foods. The diet stresses the importance of only eating foods that were available to humans during the Stone Age. This means that processed foods, including healthful options such as tofu, are not part of the diet.

According to some research, a paleo diet may be low in calcium. However, a well-planned paleo diet rich in whole, nutrient-dense foods and fiber-rich vegetables can be a healthful choice.

People should talk to their doctor or dietitian before trying any restrictive diet, particularly if they live with any underlying health conditions.

Learn more about the paleo diet here.


Like other meal kits, Trifecta take the stress and guesswork out of meal planning and offer plans that contain 5–7 days worth of meals with the option of 1–4 meals per day that can include breakfast.

Triftecta claim that their produce is seasonal, ethical, sustainable, and organic.

The Trifecta Paleo kit is available here.

Meal kit delivery services help people reduce the amount of time spent on meal planning and grocery shopping, without compromising on healthful, tasty home-made meals. The best type depends on a person’s needs and will accommodate specific dietary requirements.

Several companies offer specialized meal kits suitable for people living with underlying health conditions, such as gluten intolerance or diabetes.

People following a plant-based diet or who want to try a few plant-based meals a week may find specialized meal kits beneficial.

A person should talk to their doctor before switching to a new dietary plan, particularly if they have any underlying health conditions.

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