What Does Emma Chamberlain’s Daily Vegetarian Diet Look Like?

What does she eat, and will the video begin another food fad thanks to Chamberlain?

YouTuber and trendsetter Emma Chamberlain joined the ranks of celebrities who have done Food Diaries with Harper’s BAZAAR. Not only is coffee an essential part of her everyday meals, which we already knew, but also a vegetarian diet. What does she eat, and will the video begin another food fad thanks to Chamberlain?

A ‘Breakfast Person’ In The Making

“Recently I’ve been really hungry in the mornings, and I don’t know why,” Chamberlain explained as she detailed her morning go-to meal, “My breakfast almost every single day is two fried eggs, very very cooked. Probably too well done to a point where most people wouldn’t want to eat it. I like my eggs almost burnt.”

“Salt on it, pepper on it, ‘Everything But The Bagel’ seasoning on it,” she listed off her personalized egg essentials, “Then I put some Cholula on that. Then I cut up a whole avocado, put that on top…That’s my breakfast every day.”

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Chamberlain talked about her work-filled lifestyle and how completing as many professional tasks as possible is a priority. She fits in a workout when she can, but ensuring emails get answered is at the top of her list.

Lunch In Los Angeles

“Lunch is the neglected meal. I don’t think about it much,” she admitted, “It’s always Postmate’d. I never cook lunch. I could not tell you one time that I’ve cooked a lunch. Recently I’ve been ordering this salad from this restaurant called Zinc. It’s kale, lentils, carrots, (a) hard-boiled egg, and this nice salty, shallot-y vinegarette on top.”

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A vegetarian burrito from LA’s Tocaya Organica also often makes the cut as her choice of lunch. The Internet sensation has never eaten meat and doesn’t plan to, making healthy hot spots in the City of Angels a perfect fit for her palette.

“My favorite snack for the past year has been these flax crackers. They’re called Mary’s Gone Crackers…I eat those with spicy hummus…Another snack I make is mini, little cauliflower pizzas. I just put a little marinara sauce on it, a little pesto, a little bit of vegan mozzarella.”

Nut butter and plums are also some of Chamberlain’s current favorite foods. Ever heard of granola butter? Neither have we but she said it’s amazing.

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