World renowned vegan sports superstars and why they believe it is the key to performance consistency

World renowned vegan sports superstars

Vegan diets are all the rage these past few years. Now more than ever, interest in veganism is at its highest.

Compared to the early 2000s, more and more companies like Green Chef have risen to aid consumers with their vegan diets. Check out this review on Green Chef meals to see the convenience they offer.

Moreover, veganism has not only taken the food industry but also the world of fashion in a storm. Read the latest vegan news, trends, and more on this page.

But the question still stands: why the shift to plant-based diets anyway? Why would someone forego meat?

Well, vegans have a variety of reasons. First, it’s healthier. Many studies show that vegan diets provide one of the quickest ways to lose weight and achieve a healthier BMI. Second, it helps stop animal cruelty—the lower the demand for animal-based products, the lower the number of animals suffering in slaughterhouses. It’s also environmentally-friendly. Reducing meat and dairy consumption also reduce your carbon footprint.

World renowned vegan sports superstars

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Health enthusiasts claim that veganism is the way to go, and no one knows the advantages of veganism more than—surprise! —vegan athletes.

How do they do it? More importantly, what does it do for them? Meet these vegan sports stars and the reasons why they swear by their vegan diets:

Surfing phenomenon Tia Blanco was raised as a vegetarian by her mother. As she got older, she and her whole family took it to the next level by going vegan.

Blanco keeps a positive relationship with her food and body by consuming whole foods, fruits, and smoothies. Aside from surfing, she does yoga and gym training as well. According to the World Surfing Games champion, her diet gets her body and mind in top shape before a competition.

Lewis Hamilton

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British racer Lewis Hamilton turned vegan last 2017 and has since become an advocate for plant-based diets. The five-time Formula 1 champion actively chooses plant-based alternatives of the foods he used to love, such as vegan pancakes and vegan burgers. His current diet includes falafel sandwiches and quinoa bowls.

He shares that he struggled at first but is now determined he is his best (both mentally and physically) thanks to the change. Several eyebrows raised, however, when he announced that he converted his dog to a plant-based diet as well.

NBA superstar and Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Paul says that he can recover faster and keep up with younger players after modifying his diet to a plant-based one. The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard even claims that basketball-induced injuries are now a distant memory to him.

Paul also produced the documentary, The Game Changers, which was all about vegan athletes and their diets.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion and PETA advertiser shifted to a vegan diet because of her love for dogs. According to her, she felt it was unfair to her pet if she continued eating meat.

She has no regrets though, as she claims that her vegan diet is not detrimental to her health at all. She also adds that it is the secret to her strength and muscle recovery.

Morgan has all the help she can get thanks to U.S. Women’s National Team’s Chef Teren Green who prepares her vegan meals for her.

It’s no secret that the Serbian national is one of the most legendary tennis players today. Alas, Djokovic is not only famous for his triumphs but also for his dietary struggles—gluten intolerance and issues with refined sugar and dairy products.

To cope, he adopted a plant-based diet where he cut out not only gluten, dairy, and refined sugar products but also animal-derived ones. He sustains himself with fruits, salads, and superfoods, which he himself has claimed to give him “mental clarity”.

It’s important to note, however, that Djokovic doesn’t want to label his diet as “vegan” but “plant-based”. He dislikes the former because of its tendency to be misused.

Djokovic is also one of the vegan athletes who owns a vegan restaurant (his is in Monte Carlo).

Meat isn’t Everything

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If there’s anything these players have shown, it’s that plant-based diets are not a hindrance to athletic stardom and success. In fact, it might even be the fuel you need to stay on top of the game. If you can save animals and the environment in the process, what’s stopping you from making the switch?

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