50 Favorite Mediterranean Diet Recipes

This list of 50 Mediterranean Diet recipes includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make it easy to incorporate this eating lifestyle named “The Best Diet of 2024” into your weekly menu.

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Just as we set our sights on eating better with the New Year, it’s been reported the Mediterranean Diet is the best diet of the. year. According to ratings from the U.S. News & World Report, this science-backed diet has been rated the best overall diet for 7 years in a row. The Mediterranean Diet is a centuries-old lifestyle for long-term health and wellness instead of a quick weight loss fad that never seems to last. Unlike other diet plans, the Mediterranean Diet doesn’t prescribe prohibitive restrictions or eliminations. It’s more inclusive, more even-keeled, easier to follow, and thus more sustainable. And the ingredients make meals vibrantly delicious! It’s the only diet I’ve been able to follow without feeling like I’m missing out on all the good foods and flavors. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to give this eating lifestyle a try.

The Best Diet of 2024: Mediterranean Diet Plan 411

The diet is more about portion control, balance, and making good choices in eating more real food. The main guidelines of what you eat can easily be modified for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, and I find the ingredients and philosophy incredibly easy to adopt into my daily eating:

  • Eat more: Vegetables and leafy greens, fruits, nuts, whole grains, dairy (Greek yogurt and naturally low-fat hard cheeses or ricotta), beans and legumes, olive oil and healthy fats, seafood, poultry, eggs, herbs and spices, and even wine
  • Eat less: Red meat
  • Avoid: Processed foods, added sugars (candy, soda, ice cream, sugary desserts), refined grains (white bread), anything labeled low-fat or diet or with ingredients you can’t read

50 Mediterranean Diet Recipes

After looking through my recipe archives I realized I’ve been enjoying the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle for years. Here’s a list of 50 favorite Mediterranean diet-inspired recipes I love, that I know you’re going to want to try too.

**FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER** When created, these recipes weren’t intended to be part of a diet program. The nutritional information for each recipe may not be provided. Please practice practical portion control when enjoying.

Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts

The best way to start your day isn’t just with breakfast, but a Mediterranean-style breakfast.

Microwave Egg Caprese Breakfast Cups | foodiecrush.com #caprese #egg #breakfast #microwave #cups

David commented: 5 starsI just tried this. It tastes terrific and it’s super easy to make. I’m going to make another one right now. Thanks!”

Mediterranean Mini Frittatas | foodiecrush.com

These healthy Mediterranean mini frittatas are so easy to make and perfect for busy mornings on the run and are even great for snacks.

Caprese Avocado Toast | foodiecrush.com

Janet commented: 5 starsAs soon as I found this recipe, I had to try it. It was so yummy! Thanks for sharing!”

Asparagus and Mushroom with Goat Cheese Frittata for One | foodiecrush.com #breakfast #frittata #eggs #recipes

Rebecca commented: 5 starsGreat frittata, it was quick to prepare and has outstanding flavor.”

Mediterranean Strata | FoodieCrush.com

This Mediterranean breakfast strata with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and Parmesan is versatile and so easy to make.

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Egg Casserole | foodiecrush.com

This hearty, filling slow cooker egg casserole recipe with Mediterranean flavors, goat cheese, and prosciutto is simple to put together and can be assembled the night before so it’ll cook while you sleep!

Mediterranean Salads and Sides

From the ubiquitous Greek salad to light and healthy sides that are perfect for any occasion, these veggie-laden dishes are equally delicious and nutritious.
Chicken Gyro Salad | foodiecrush.com #salad #greek #recipes #gyro #chicken

Helen commented: 5 starsIncredible salad recipe that my husband adores. We will definitely be holding on to this one!!! Full of flavor and very filling.”

Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad | foodiecrush.com #salad #healthy #recipes #tuna #tuscan

Maureen commented: 5 starsMade this for a second time and love it. I used baby kale this time – otherwise I like it exactly with the ingredients you have listed. Enjoyed it with crusty bread on the side. I will be making this in the future. Thank you!”

Outrageous Herbaceous Mediterranean Salad | foodiecrush.com

Elena commented: 5 starsI can not get enough of this salad. It has become a staple in my home. I love love this salad! Thank you.”

Avocado Caprese Salad Foodiecrush.com

Dress up the traditional Italian Caprese salad recipe with fresh, peppery arugula and creamy avocado for more great flavors and textures.

Citrus Shrimp and Avocado Salad | foodiecrush.com

Jessica commented: 5 starsHey! Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing recipe! I have made it twice in less than a week. I just made it for my mother-in-law who loves it also. I love when healthy food also tastes good. I don’t know if anyone still does whole 30’s, but it’s totally whole 30 compliant. I always feel like I am being healthier when my meals are whole 30 compliant. Thanks again!”

Easy Couscous with Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta | foodiecrush.com #couscous #recipes #easy #healthy #sidedish

Annie commented: 5 starsI keep coming back to this recipe and always wonder why I don’t make it more. So simple and so delicious for the whole family.”

Garlicky Swiss Chard & Chickpeas | FoodieCrush.com

Suzanne commented: 5 starsI made this recipe exactly as written, except 1 cup veggie broth and 1 cup of water, and it was delicious!! We also grilled some fish and it was a fabulous dinner! My husband loved it too! I’ve been following recipe girl for quite some time, but this got me really excited about her cookbook.”

Greek Salad with Avocado on foodiecrush.com

Diana commented: 5 starsI made this salad to go with the Best Greek Chicken Marinade recipe and it complemented the chicken beautifully. My husband and I both loved the freshness and brightness of the vegetables in the dressing and the addition of avocado is genius! A+!”

Autumn Couscous Salad | foodiecrush.com

This autumn couscous salad with butternut squash, fennel, dried cranberries, currants, and sage makes a great light and healthy lunch, or can even be enjoyed as a side dish.

Arugula Salad with Pesto Shrimp, Parmesan and White Beans | foodiecrush.com

Janet commented:5 starsThis was amazing! Great for a Sunday lazy dinner, or a quick week night meal. The flavors married perfectly with enough crunch and texture to satisfy. Thank You for easy peasy and perfect!”

Cantaloupe and Mozzarella Caprese Salad | foodiecrush.com

Carol commented: “Made this twice within 3 days I was so in love with it!! Tastes like summer and is so refreshing while we are all under this “heat dome” Brava!!!”

Arugula Salad with Parmesan | foodiecrush.com #salad #recipes #

Megan commented: 5 starsThis salad is so simple and delicious. I love the vinaigrette! It’s so perfect with the arugula.”

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad foodiecrush.com

This healthy Mediterranean quinoa salad with feta makes for a simple lunch or dinner, thanks to pantry staples like chickpeas, roasted red bell peppers, and Kalamata olives, and is a light but filling vegetarian meal.

Crunchy Greek Pasta Salad with Artichoke Hearts, Cucumbers and Olives | foodiecrush.com

Sonja commented: 5 starsSo impressed with this recipe! I never comment on recipes but for this one I had to. Simple and delicious. I used cheese tortellini for the pasta, and minced olives. Seriously could eat this everyday. Thanks so much for the recipe!”

Quinoa and Kale Protein Salad is a totally fresh and easy way to eat healthy | foodiecrush.com

Quinoa, chickpeas, and pistachios add protein and healthy fat to this seasonal kale salad, making it a favorite side dish or healthy vegetarian main meal.

Antipasto Salad Platter | foodiecrush.com #antipasto #salad #platter #Italian #olives

Making a salad for a crowd doesn’t get any easier than adding all the antipasto toppings like olives, pickled veggies, artichokes, pepperoncini, salami, salumi, prosciutto, pasta, and mozzarella balls to a big pile of lettuce for an Italian salad everyone will love.

With the addition of whole wheat noodles, this classic Mediterranean Greek pasta salad with artichokes and olives just got a healthy upgrade.

Tomato and Hearts of Palm Salad | foodiecrush.com

Nancy commented: 5 starsI make this salad on a regular basis, it’s quick and simple and everyone loves it!”

Quinoa Tabbouleh with Chickpeas foodiecrush.com

This classic tabbouleh recipe gets a boost of protein thanks to healthy quinoa, for a nutritious and refreshing Mediterranean salad that’s great for a meal or as a side dish.

Mediterranean Soups and Sandwiches

These filling soups and sandwiches are perfect for healthy lunches or dinners and always hit the spot.

Italian Chicken Wrap Sandwich | foodiecrush.com #italian #chicken #lunch #wrap

This Italian chicken wrap is stuffed with the most flavorful ingredients like roasted red peppers, arugula, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and provolone cheese, and is such a delicious, easy lunch.

This healthy spin on classic Italian Wedding Soup is made lighter with turkey meatballs, white beans, and plenty of kale, all in a light and comforting broth.

Grilled Chicken Caprese Sandwich | foodiecrush.com

Grilled rosemary bread is a delicious base for this grilled chicken caprese sandwich. It features fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil, farmer’s market tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction for a classic flavor combination you just can’t beat.

How to Make the Best Minestrone Soup | foodiecrush.com #soup #recipes #minestrone

D commented: 5 starsMy favorite soup in the entire world! Everyone thinks I know how to cook now. Thank you!! Will be something stored in my recipe book forever.”

Whether it’s a celebratory lunch for a crowd or just a quick bite for one, this avocado caprese wrap is light and healthy, yet perfectly filling.

Avocado Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich | foodiecrush.com

Jessie commented: 5 starsI had my doubts when I saw this recipe. I always used mayonnaise, but I want to stop using processed food. This was an unexpected surprise. Very good and don’t miss the mayo at all.”

Mediterranean Diet Dinners

From juicy grilled chicken to the yummiest, most colorful grilled veggie bowl, these satisfying Mediterranean-inspired dinners are ones you’ll keep coming back to.

Mediterranean Grilled Balsamic Chicken with Olive Tapenade | foodiecrush.com #chicken #balsamic #grill #Mediterranean #recipes

Julie commented:5 starsThis is one of my favorite recipes! I make it often…tons of flavor and simple to make.”

Linguine and Zucchini Noodles with Shrimp

Heather commented: 5 starsMade this tonight for dinner and it came out awesome! Threw in some Asparagus too and loved it! Thanks for such a great recipe!”

Easy Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce | foodiecrush.com

Jamie commented: 5 starsSO SO SO good and easy!! New family favorite!! Thank you!!”

Grilled Greek Chicken Marinade Recipe | foodiecrush.com #chicken #marinade #lemon #greek

Mindy commented: 5 starsThis is by far the easiest and greatest chicken marinade. It is foolproof and delicious. I am hardly a good cook and every time I make this chicken( which is once a week) it comes out tender and flavorful. Please post more recipes using Greek yogurt. It does wonders for chicken!!”

Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowls with Broccoli and Tomato | foodiecrush.com #quinoa #bowl #mediterranean #chicken

Kerry commented: 5 starsThis recipe is a staple in my house. Sometimes I use asparagus or Brussels sprouts instead of broccoli, just depends on what I have on hand or is in season at the store. I always make extra marinade and set some aside (before putting it on the chicken) to drizzle on top of the finished bowl. And the tip about putting the towel over the quinoa pan to absorb extra moisture…genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this recipe!!”

Chicken Piccata Recipe foodiecrush.com #healthy #easy #lemon #recipes #chicken

Ana commented: 5 starsDelicious and easy recipe! Loved the flavors. I paired this with your parmesan zucchini recipe for a complete meal. Thanks for sharing!”

Chopped Grilled Vegetable Bowl with Farro | foodiecrush.com

Melanie commented: “We made this tonight and it was shockingly delicious!! Great flavors. YUM!”

Pork Scallopini | foodiecrush.com

Nancy commented: 5 starsGreat recipe! I made this last night exactly as directed. The whole family loved it and will be making it again next week.”

Greek Chicken Kebabs | foodiecrush.com #chicken #grill #chicken #kebab

Boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in the traditional Greek flavors of lemon, garlic, and oregano then threaded on skewers with a few veggies makes these grilled chicken kebabs an easy and healthy weeknight dinner winner.

Shrimp Pasta with Roasted Red Peppers and Artichokes | foodiecrush.com

Mediterranean flavors of roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, capers, and feta cheese mix with a hint of cream and garlic to make a light sauce in this easy pasta dish.

30-Minute Caprese Chicken Recipe | foodiecrush.com

JPC commented: 5 starsI made it as written, but I used homemade pesto and added 4 garlic cloves minced and put on top of each piece of chicken before it was baked. It was absolutely delicious!! I served it with baked potatoes and fresh sautéed green beans and a nice Sauvignon Blanc.”

Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers | foodiecrush.com

Greek flavors inspire citrus-infused chunks of chicken thanks to a tart marinade that keeps the chicken juicy with a lemony punch.

Greek Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce are packed with fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and feta cheese for a healthy Mediterranean version for hamburger fans | foodiecrush.com

 Marianne commented: 5 starsHi, I’m new to your website. I actually got five big burgers out of this recipe. The first one I made was a little bland, so the next time I salted and peppered one side before frying. Then I topped it with sliced kalamatas, tomatoes and lettuce. It was fabulous! I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for a delicious recipe.”

Saucy Baked Greek Shrimp | foodiecrush.com

This healthy Greek-inspired shrimp recipe in a saucy tomato base with feta can be cooked and served as a one-pot skillet dinner, or in a baking dish as a fast and easy-to-make appetizer that’s the first thing to disappear.

Sautéed Chicken with Olives Capers and Lemons foodiecrush.com

Alisanne commented:This dish was fantastic! Full flavored, easy to make, and beautiful to serve. My husband is extremely picky, and it’s a joy to find another delicious dish to add to my list of “must have” dinners. Thank you! #FAN.”

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore | foodiecrush.com

Ana commented: “Made this today and we loved it. I used 4 chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs and 1 teaspoon of dried thyme as the grocery store was out of fresh. This is a great healthy and tasty dish. Thanks for sharing!”

Mediterranean Appetizers

With bright colors and bold flavors, these easy appetizers are a surefire way to please company.

Veggie Tray with Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Sauce Dip | foodiecrush.com

This easy-to-make 5-ingredient Greek yogurt tzatziki sauce recipe is not only great with grilled meats, fish, and gyro sandwiches, but makes a terrific, healthy dip for vegetables of every color.

Pesto Shrimp Bruschetta Recipe | foodiecrush.com

Garlicky poached shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and feta cheese top a simple bruschetta with balsamic glaze to make this easy but elegant appetizer recipe.

Pan-Seared Citrus Shrimp Recipe | foodiecrush.com

Liz commented: 5 starsI rarely comment on recipes but this was easy and delicious for the whole family! I served it over egg noodles and a side of steamed broccoli (got that idea from another comment above). It sounds good over an avocado salad as well. Definitely a keeper!”

More Healthy Recipes You Might Want to Try Too

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